Visual Content Analysis

Digital Sociology Best Face Forward How do you want to be perceived? What do you want people to think when they look at your Instagram account? Most want to look good and have posts that will get them likes. Wanting to be painted in the best light. This is true for schools as well. I […]


Digital Sociology Privacy Can privacy truly exist in a digital world? When you agree to be private on a social media account you aren’t keeping everything to yourself like you might think. Even some of supposedly the most tech savvy people in the world struggle with this. I interviewed college students and asked them about […]

Digital Disconnect

Digital Sociology Disconnecting In a world where technology surrounds you, is it possible to fully disconnect? I tried it out for 12 hours and will say it’s nearly impossible to fully remove yourself from technology. I found it hard to go through my typical routine because it usually involves listening to music. My day was […]