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In a world where technology surrounds you, is it possible to fully disconnect? I tried it out for 12 hours and will say it’s nearly impossible to fully remove yourself from technology.

I found it hard to go through my typical routine because it usually involves listening to music. My day was quiet and slow, minutes seemed to drag  for hours. Which made the time I spent alone the most challenging because I was left with my thoughts and not much else. This being said, being alone did allow me to reground myself and hang out with nature. Which was nice but I could only do that for so long before getting restless.

Being able to see my friends was the most exciting part of my day. They all joked that they were taking turns babysitting me because I seemed to need constant attention so I wouldn’t get bored. Hanging out with my friends was also nice because I like to be in the loop and aware of what is happening around me. It is not really possible to do that without having access to technology.

Going through my day without a way to connect to the digital world took a lot of preparation because we are not always in control of the digital world that encompasses us. I made a schedule for my day. This told everyone roughly where I would be when in case they needed to get a hold of me. The schedule also had a contact list on it in the event someone had to be contacted on my behalf.

At the end of the day the digital world makes disconnecting an inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Digital Disconnect

  1. I really relate to this. I also experienced the same thing where I would be sitting for what seemed like hours, and when I went to check the clock it would have only been 20-25 minutes. I wonder why this is because when I have my phone and decide not to be on it so much I feel like time doesn’t seem to slow down THAT much. What was your favorite thing you did while being disconnected?

  2. I really like how you started your post with a question, it really brings the reader in. I also love how short and concise this piece is–it gets to the point without any boring details. I think it’s telling how you had to create a plan to be able to function in today’s world without technology.

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